Embruns d'Ylang belongs to Guerlain’s Exclusive Collections, a range of fragrances for aficionados of rare scents, those who appreciate noble raw materials and refinement down to the last detail.

Through this spicy and luminous floral creation, the Guerlain Perfumer gives the leading role and bespoke attire to the so-called “flower of flowers”: ylang-ylang. The fragrance evokes the bracing sea spray carried by a stormy sky onto this spellbinding flower. Among its contrasts, between land and sea, woody – patchouli – and salty notes interweave, subtly teased by a hint of clove. A dazzling, sensual perfume with a captivating sillage, like a ray of sunlight filtering through a menacing horizon.

The fragrance dresses up in a bottle with clean, contemporary lines, decorated with a golden metal label on the side, like a precious book. An elegant wooden cap adds the finishing touch to this beautiful piece. The bottle nestles in an amethyst “leather feel” case (which may be transformed into a jewellery box as you wish).


Spicy floral

Luminous and enveloping in one, ylang flower blossoms in this enchanting fragrance full of contrasts. Between land and sea, salty, spicy and woody notes beautifully enhance its generous, mysterious and exotic facets.

Top notes: salty note, bergamot
Heart notes: ylang ylang, sambac jasmine, cloves
Base notes: patchouli, iris, vanilla


Salty notes - Ylang ylang - Patchouli

Perfumer secrets

For this creation, Guerlain Perfumer Thierry Wasser was searching for an exceptional ylang essence with a particularly expressive character. He discovered it in situ in the Comoros archipelago in the Indian Ocean. This olfactory selection reflects the House’s traditional standards of excellence in terms of preserving ingredients of natural origin. This incredible yellow gold from the Comoros is vertical and powerful. It contains exotic fruity facets with smooth, honeyed accents.