To celebrate the first anniversary of the Maison's essential new Eau de Parfum, Mon Guerlain, the jeweller Truscelli has designed a luminous and sensual accessory inspired by the fragrance.

All his expertise is showcased in the form of a four-leaf clover, the symbol of Mon Guerlain. A clean-lined, delicate, gold-plated piece set with nine genuine amethysts – 5 carats in total- an allusion to lavender, the main ingredient of the fragrance.
This unique jewellery piece adorns the emblematic, limited edition “Quadrilobé” bottle, each one numbered.


Fresh oriental.

Audacious. Radiant. Sensual.

Carla Lavender, an exceptional variety grown in Provence, contrasts with the sensual and enveloping Vanilla Tahitensis by infusing it with audacity and freshness. Sambac Jasmine, gathered at sunrise, gives the Mon Guerlain fragrance all its finesse. Album Sandalwood gives strength to Guerlain's new fragrance and preserves its mystery.


Carla Lavender, Sambac Jasmine, Album Sandalwood, Vanilla Tahitensis

Perfumer secrets

Truscelli is a jeweler specialist in unique pieces and semi-precious stones.
For this prestige edition, he has created a jewellery that needs 5 steps: from polishing to gilding and until setting of stones.
Coming from Jaipur, each amethyst, cabochon shaped, is selected one by one which makes each pieces unique.